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Lakshadweep Holydays

Just off the coast of Kerala are a broadly speckled group of coral islands a timeless undiscovered treasure embracing 36 reefs and coral atolls - untouched and unspoilt collectively known as Lakshadweep. These isles are also called "the Laccadives" and are located 400-kms away from the state of Kerala on the Indian mainland. They form part of the Union of India and are one of the country’s hottest tourist destinations. Lakshadweep is the ideal holiday destination for those who want to escape from the deceptions of the world and enjoy a few days in simple yet strikingly gorgeous environs. The beaches of Lakshadweep are an ecstasy for divers.

Ten of the islands are colonized by plain, amiable folk whose language is close to that spoken in Kerala. The islanders have lifestyles and livelihoods that rotate around coconut farming, coir matting and fishing. Tourism’s major hub is on water sports, as each of the islands are bounded by a coral reef providing huge areas of sparkling lucid water for everything from snorkeling to wind surfing. Vacation India offers holidays in Lakshadweep where you can enjoy sunbathing on incredible beaches, snorkeling in coral lagoons or sailing on boats to see interestingly striking coral and aquatic life.

The five islands which are open to tourists have simple accommodation in the form of beach cottages. Permits to visit Lakshadweep can be obtained from the Lakshadweep tourist office in Cochin. Regular flights operate from Cochin to one of the islands, as well as reasonably priced ship cruises which stop at all the islands open to tourism. These cruises begin and end at Cochin.