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Kerala Yoga

Since time immemorial, the enchantment of the monsoon season has mesmerized people from the earliest times to the present day. It is in the thick of summer when the rumble and thunder of the monsoons breaks off the common air of exhaustion that suddenly you want to break free, away from surfing channels, sipping tea and munching on hot pakodas. If you are speculating where to go for that "idyllic" monsoon break, head for Kerala.

Kerala in the rains is a spectacle to behold. Flooded paddy fields and verdant pea green coppice cover. Cool temperatures & hot, piquant food. When it rains in Kerala, it pours. Halt by a pavement coffee bar, have hot, hot banana fritters and hot tea or hotter drinks. Think about it! No, the rains won’t pour down all day long. There will be heavy rains for sometime followed by lots of warm Kerala sunlight when you can catch up on your sightseeing, laze by the pool or do some sun basking. The rains invigorate! They work their mystery on the flora and this weather will work its enchantment on you too.

The time-honored Ayurvedic massage, which revitalizes mind, body and soul, is unmatched when taken at the start of the monsoon. Experience a body massage or a week's rejuvenating beauty treatment which is definite to beat years off your age. It's a silent, tranquil time in the state of Kerala. No hoards of tourists so all the attention in the world will be focused on you, giving you a fresh lease of life.

Pursue the monsoon. It is an awe-inspiring experience to savour the exquisiteness of the monsoon in the hill stations of kerala. The spell of rain brings a crowd of guests here. You can roam along the winding paths that lead into the forests and soak in some wilderness. Or crawl atop the edges, to observe an emerald coverlet coming into spotlight when the clouds part momentarily...! Come and Enjoy.