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Bangaram island Holydays

Bangaram is situated at a distance of 459 kms from Cochin, an untamed island; Bangaram is one of the islands that are open to foreign tourists. It has been graded among the best hideaways of the world. The teardrop-shaped island has wonderful beaches and good-looking lagoons. From the moment you set foot on the blinding, soft, white sand you'll be absolutely mesmerized by the exotic natural loveliness of what can only be described as one of the most elite tropical islands in the world. Surrounded by splendid, spongy, shiny sands with a center of verdant emerald coconut groves, it reveals a picture of chaste bliss- myths are made of these.Bangaram Island near Kavaratti and Agatti is identified for its attractive beach and for the bioluminescent plankton that are deposited on the beach at high tide which make the beach glow with a blue light at night. Bangaram is also known for birds and as an special destination for luxury travelers.

The cottages are pleasant and airy, completely in synchronization with the nature. You can taste the finest seafood and you would have plenty to do, if you like to jump into water or bask under the sun. Bangaram is one of the premium locations for SCUBA diving and Snorkeling in the world, the diving school is run by Prahlad Kakkar, the well known Advertising Film Maker. Loose yourself in this paradise