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The Ayurvedic treatment Dhara (which means 'flow') involves making herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated butter milk etc., flow over the forehead for about 45 minutes per day for 7 to 21 days. This treatment is mainly for insomnia, Vatha predominated diseases, mental tension and certain skin diseases.

Dashamoola Ksheera Dhara - Medicated milk is poured all over the body and head from a special vessel placed at a certain height in a rhythmic manner. This treatment is good for insomnia, mental tensions, headache due to Pitha dominance, menopause problems etc.

Sarvanga Kashaya Dhara - This treatment is a kind of sudation therapy using herbal decoctions. In this process, the body is made to perspire by pouring a warm decoction from special herbs from a special vessel placed at a certain height. It is rubbed onto the body in a rhythmic manner. This method removes ‘ama’ or toxins from the tissues and promotes fat metabolism, removes tension from the muscles and is also good for pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles, fibromyalgia etc.

Number of Days: 14